Conan O’Brien Shows That Media is a Propaganda Machine

The latest example of how Media Sucks, courtesy of the Conan O’Brien show:

In case you are attempting to delude yourself into the idea that this was just a coincidence… Uh-uh. Nope:

Ask yourself: How likely is it that myriad ‘independent’ media sources would report on the very same relatively-insignificant story, using the exact same language no less, in the scope of the mere 30 minutes to 1 hour they have to cover the most newsworthy stories the entire world over? And across multiple networks, both ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’? Multiple times? To consider these questions, and the overwhelming evidence presented, is to realize the (at-best) hollow and propagandistic nature of our media today.

This pervasive and pernicious repetition of scripted stories is also the manner in which the myths of “conventional wisdom” are propagated as it pertains to far more consequential matters. For instance, how do you think they drill into the minds of the populace just who the “frontrunners” for an election are? To wit:

Iraq; Iran; elections; the economy. You name the issue. When it comes to news and mainstream media, to put it mildly, you get a tunnel-vision, establishment-approved, entirely edited and completely scripted version of it.

Even when it looks like opposing viewpoints are being presented.

So do yourself a favor. Take the advice of this guy below, and turn off your television.

UPDATE: In case you require further evidence, here is the latest installment of “Media Reacts” from The Conan O’Brien Show:

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