Was NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden a Ron Paul Supporter?

Evidence to that effect can be found in a contribution receipt report filed by the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee Inc., which shows a $250 contribution received from an Edward Snowden who also has a Hawaii address.

If this is indeed the same Edward Snowden who is behind the leaks reported by The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald over the course of the last few days, it would give some additional insight into, and context around, what motivated him to come forward.

Ron Paul supporters, of course, are known for their principled opposition to the encroachment on civil liberties by an ever-expanding government. Few could possibly be in a better position to intimately understand just how far extreme this encroachment has become than Edward Snowden; and still fewer in a better position to actually do something about it.

Here are snapshots from the contribution receipt report:



See the original full page on the FEC website by clicking here.


Update: OpenSecrets.org reflects the contribution as well:


(via commenter Jon at DailyPaul.com)


Update II: Here’s an additional contribution of $250 to RP2012 from an Edward Snowden in Maryland whose employer is listed as Dell, which is reportedly a former employer of the Edward Snowden who leaked the Top Secret documents. The Maryland address is close to Fort Meade, where he reportedly was stationed for a period of time with the NSA. Note that the election cycle-to-date field indicates 449.99, which I’m told likely means he made a prior contribution of less than $200 which I understand is not required to be reported with the FEC. Thus, his total donations to RP2012 appear from these documents to have been at least $699.99.

addl contribution

Update III: More evidence by way of Buzzfeed.



  1. Jack JD Montana says

    I’ve seen many memes on the web, so I’ll go ahead and pick at them one by one:

    1) If I’m Snowden, Hong Kong is perfect. Chinese air space so no drone strikes on his hotel room.

    2) U.S. doesn’t have very many operatives of Chinese or Asian ethnicity to blackbag him off the street either, something they might’ve tried had he gone to any European country, Switzerland included.

    3) Hoping and praying he can get to an embassy in Hong Kong, maybe that of Ecuador since they’ve already offered Assange asylum

    4) Tea Party patriots, Code Pink, damn near everyone needs to be protesting outside every single NSA hub facility from Lackland gate at San Antonio to Camp Williams in Salt Lake City to Austin. Bullhorn the bastards and photograph those coming in and out. Watch the watchers!

    5) Put up billboards — maybe Oath Keepers — reminding all NSA personnel that wholesale, indiscriminate violation of the 4th Amendment is treason. Pair these words with a photo of Nazis in the dock at Nuremberg. Remind everyone inside NSA that there are potential consequence should their bosses use NSA data mining to wage war against the American people.

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